Citation requirements

Just now, you practised recognising sources and the different types of sources. From here on, this course will be about creating citations.

Necessary elements

When referencing a book in a bibliography, it is, of course, logical that the following elements must be recorded in any case:

  • the name(s) of the author(s)
  • the title and perhaps the subtitle
  • the date of publication

In addition, it is convention to also record the publisher, and the year and place of publication. If the work has been translated, the translator also deserves mention, while if the volume forms part of a series, the series title should also be recorded.


You may consider other information noteworthy as well, such as where the author lives, but such information does not belong in a bibliography. Everything that does belong in it is dictated by bibliographical convention.


The information that should be stated includes

in the case of a

always, among other things

journal article

journal title, volume/year of publication, page numbers

digital journal article

DOI (digital object identifier)

book chapter

book authors or editors, page numbers

newspaper article


radio programme

radio station and date of transmission



unpublished letter


newly discovered print

place/site of discovery, technique

author's typescript

place/site of discovery



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